Photo by  Chris Amat

Photo by Chris Amat

Sera was born in Morocco, and spent the majority of her youth in motion across North America. Throughout her life she has visited 16 countries, and continues to pursue her desire to understand humanity through cultural and topographic means. Her personal photographic interests are primarily within the relationship between humans and the natural world, culture, and the influence of fashion + style. Professionally, Sera has worked within travel, food, fashion, culture, and environment. 

She is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

What else can she do? An avid traveler + creative writer, videographer, as well as a social media strategist.

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 -  My favorite movie is currently: Black Cat White Cat

-  I'm reading: The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible

- I'm excited about: the new Last Of Us 2 trailer

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  • Stay Wild Magazine* + ^^
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  • Garrett Leight Optical
  • Tiny Atlas Quarterly
  • Miami Tourism
  • Olloclip + ^^
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Adidas
  • Boat Magazine*
  • Industry of All Nations* ^^
  • Urban Palate*
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  • Dream Collective 
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  • World of Wonder ^^

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